V- Steam aka Yoni Steam


What is V-Steam & It’s Benefits?

V-Steam aka Yoni Steam is an ancient natural remedy that provides a steaming ritual with the use of herbs for the vagina to release toxins. Used a self care tool, V- Steam is a vaginal detox to provide health benefits to women by regulating menstrual cyles and boosting fertility.
The benefits of V-Steam are endless and relaxing and include the following:
Reduce cramping pains, increase pelvic circulation, assist with irregular periods, vaginal disorders, yeast infections, vaginal bacteria, infertility, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Hemorrhoids, along with tightens and increase intimacy.

How Does It Works?

V- Steam works by applying gentle heat, as well as moisture that carries medicinal plant herbs to the exterior tissues of the vagina. The warmth and moisture increases circulation to the vulva allowing the bloodstream to pick up the medicinal herbs and carry them into the inner reproductive system, including the uterus. This process allows the uterus to cleanse and release what is built up on it’s lining resulting in a healthier, more pleasant cycle and a more connected woman.

What To Expect After a V-Steam?

After a V-Steam you may experience cramps and or vaginal discharge. This is a result of the overall cleansing nature of a vaginal steam. Remember the body is still releasing toxins and mucus which may cause your period to come early. Overall vaginal steam supports and nourishes the women's well being. Everyone’s experience is different. Get in tune with your body. Cherish it and learn to enjoy it as a sacred and beautiful experience!

How Often Should I Get A V-Steam?

V-Steaming can be performed as a wellness benefit at least once a month. Everyone’s wellness session is different and in some cases steaming can be performed more frequently on a weekly basis. Frequency will be determined on a case by case basis and determined by your therapist.


There are contraindications that will prohibit you from receiving a V- Steam. If you have any of the following conditions you should not steam.

Menstruation, pregnancy or possible pregnancy, after insemination, heavy bleeding, hot flashes, during miscarriage, aking blood thinners, open sores or blisters, IUD, fever, and infections or inflammation of Cervix, uterus or ovaries.